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Requirements for packaging materials and containers for meat food packaging cans
The selection of its packaging materials and containers must consider general food packaging regulations. In addition, because of the needs of food packaging cans (which can be stored for a long time, maintain the original color, aroma, and taste characteristics of meat foods, and be convenient to take), the packaging materials and containers have some special requirements.
1. The raw materials and containers themselves are odorless, and will not cause harmful substances when they touch the contents;
2. It has excellent insulation performance and airtightness performance, which can prevent co2 from penetrating to produce chemical effects and cause negative effects on meat products;
3. The melt flow rate of raw materials is very small, which prevents the water content of meat products from being exchanged with the external natural environment, which will harm its quality;
4. It can isolate the scattering of the light source and shading to maintain the quality and taste of meat products;
5. It has excellent corrosion resistance to ensure that the soup base of the seasoning in the meat food packaging jar does not reflect mildew or cause harmful substances between the two;
6. It has the characteristics of certain impact toughness, excellent practical packaging performance, packaging and printing suitability.
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