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Metal tin cans are widely used in our daily life and can be seen everywhere. Because of its many advantages, it is welcomed by the packaging industry. Let me introduce the advantages of metal tin cans.
1. Metal iron cans are rich in materials, energy consumption and cost are relatively low, and are recyclable, safe and environmentally friendly;
2. Metal tin cans have a special metallic luster and are easy to print and decorate, which can make the appearance of products luxurious and rich, and food tin cans are beautiful and marketable;
3. The material of the metal tin can has excellent mechanical properties and high strength, and can be made into packaging containers with thin walls, high compressive strength and not easy to break;
4. The metal tin can has excellent comprehensive protection performance, the water vapor transmission rate is very low, and it is completely opaque, which can effectively avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays;
5. The gas barrier, moisture-proof, light-shielding and fragrance-preserving properties of metal tin cans greatly exceed those of other types of packaging materials such as plastics and paper, and can maintain the quality of goods for a long time.
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