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Nowadays, it is inevitable to buy tea and open tea shops in tea packaging. No matter what kind of tea packaging and food tin box design, the ultimate goal is to promote the sales market. Metal gift box manufacturers indicate that a general tea packaging design is concerned. , It seems simple, in fact it is not like this. It is composed of elements including pattern design, raw materials, trademark logo or famous brand, appearance and so on.
Basic components:
1. Tea and food tin box packaging pattern design: tin cans can be printed with exquisite pattern designs for packaging, which is unique to improve the level of the product. The pattern design in the packaging is like the page in the advertisement, and its importance and indispensability are self-evident Metaphor.
2. Selection of packaging materials for tea square tinplate boxes: The choice of packaging materials not only hurts packaging costs, but also hurts the market competitiveness of this product. Iron cans have higher barrier, barrier properties, moisture resistance, shading properties, and fragrance retention than all other raw materials. The re-encryption and firmness can maintain products very well.
3. Tea food tin box product label: The package content and the main ingredients contained in the product, the brand icon, the product quality level, the economic manufacturer of the product, the production date and the validity period, and the operation steps are generally printed on the logo.
4. Tea food tin box trademark logo logo or famous brand: trademark logo logo or famous brand is the most important component of the packaging, and it should occupy a prominent position on the packaging as a whole.
5. Tea and food tin box packaging appearance: Appropriate packaging appearance is conducive to storage, transportation and display design, as well as product sales. Therefore, appearance is an indispensable component of packaging.
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