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Iron cans are metal packaging products that are currently in circulation on the market. However, due to their diversification, many of my friends are completely ignorant of the structure of iron cans.
At present, according to the structure and processing classification of tin cans, it is generally divided into two-piece tin cans, three-piece tin cans and aerosol tins. Two-piece tin cans and three-piece tin cans can be stamped into any shape, such as round tin cans, square iron cans Cans, and other special-shaped iron cans that can be formed.
Two-piece tin can refers to a metal tin can composed of two parts: a tin can lid and a can body with a bottom. The can body and can bottom are hollow-shaped whole processed by the stretching method. This forming method is a stamping and stretching process, so the two-piece iron can is also called a stretched can.
Three-piece tin can, both the body is one piece, the lid and the bottom are one piece. Three-piece tin cans are very common in the market at present, common in daily life such as Wanglaoji beverage cans, moon cake tin boxes, etc., are all three-piece tin cans.
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