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Tinplate boxes and cans, also called tin-plated tin boxes, are made of tinplate and made of tin box packaging goods. They are widely used in the packaging industry, and their classification and structure are also relatively colorful. They are generally classified and structured below. :
Divided according to the appearance
A. National standard cans: No. 5 cans, No. 6 cans, cans that took 7 days, No. 6 cans, and No. 9 cans.
B. Non-standard cans: square tinplate boxes, round tin boxes, etc.;
Divided by structure
Two-piece cans (two pieces of tinplate on the left and right, the body and bottom of the can are integrated), three-piece cans (divided into the lid, the body, and the bottom)
Miscellaneous cans (different and complex design)
According to production process flow
Machine cans (bottom-sealed can body), skin care products tin cans, deduction cans (the can body hooks the bottom of the can), health care products tin cans, pat bottom cans (the bottom of the can body adopts the locking process, according to the extruding process afterwards Press molding and beat to connect together), Lu'an Guapian Tea Tin Can
According to the production and processing method:
Solder cans: Has been slowly replaced. Bonding tank: new processing technology. Roll-on cans: used to produce general-purpose cans with low tightness regulations, and the seams of the can body are hooked with each other. Electric welding tank: The tank body is connected according to arc welding, and the airtightness is relatively high.
Classified by main purpose
candy tin box, square tin box tea box, health care product tin can, skin care tin can, agricultural product tin, tray, etc.
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