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choose to use tinplate box for commodity packaging, mainly because of its good performance, strong ornamental, low price and good quality. The fundamental attribute of tin packaging lies in the design and quality of the packaging. Design affects the attractiveness of products to consumers, while quality affects consumers' satisfaction with the recognition of products. When the quality of a good product is combined with high-quality packaging, ^ the sales of the manufacturer will bring huge opportunities and will also have a multiplier effect.
Different types of commodity packaging require different requirements for the craftsmanship and raw materials of the tinplate box. For example, food tinplate boxes need to be safe, non-toxic, hygienic, embroidered, moisture-proof and compressive. The tea tinplate box needs to be sealed and shading to preserve the tea aroma and storage period to the greatest extent. Seed tinplates and medicine tinplates also have strict requirements on packaging tins.
From the tinplate material, it is mainly to check whether the surface of the raw material is flat, whether there are holes on the surface, whether there are scratches, whether the tin plating is sufficient, whether the size is within the tolerance range, and many other aspects are strictly checked. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the printing meets the required process, whether it meets the color requirements, whether the surface of the printed product is scratched, whether it is neat, whether the paint is peeled during the stamping process, etc. The method of whether the production meets the quality standards, only by doing well in every link and every detail, can we produce high-quality tinplate boxes.
Different types of tinplate packaging, its inspection standards are different, food tin boxes and gift tin boxes, domestic and export tinplate boxes, etc., we should pay attention to the tin box in the process of selecting tin boxes. Only the details can see the inner quality of the tin box.
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