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With the development trend of economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, all kinds of shopping mall showcases are piled up with a variety of products packed in metal boxes. Dongguan Tianmeng Can Co., Ltd., as a professional manufacturer of metal packaging boxes, is mainly engaged in metal gift boxes, food tins, round tins, square tinplates, candy tins, etc., and has been focusing on tin cans for 11 years. Production customization. Today we will introduce the classification of gift boxes, as follows:
Rectangular tinplate box
1. Aluminum packaging box
Aluminum packaging boxes are generally made of aluminum alloy plates, which are formed according to high-speed punch press die forming and surface anodizing treatment to solve these manufacturing processes. The design plan continues our factory's consistent minimalist style, simple atmosphere and strong applicability, which can quickly improve the product level and help the product increase the added value.
The unique color, light weight, high quality and low price of aluminum material are not available in other metals. The surface layer process of aluminum profile materials is very diversified, and various colors can be customized according to the requirements of different customers. The logo of the company's brand awareness that customers need to reflect can also be mainly expressed by a variety of processing techniques. In addition, aluminum profiles are much lighter in quality than iron or steel materials, and the relative compressive strength of paper packaging is much greater. It can maintain products very well, and it is not easy to increase the cost of packaging and transportation. Therefore, aluminum boxes are the best choice for packaging various skin care products, tea, health care products and electronic equipment.
The surface layer of the aluminum packaging box can be produced according to customer satisfaction according to the production processes of anodizing, sandblasting, hydrogen peroxide, polishing and waxing, metal wire drawing, and atomization. Various different surface tones and actual effects can also be used. According to screen printing ink, pad printing, inkjet, laser laser marking, batching, embossing, embossing, labeling, crystal glue, gold inlay, these production processes are the main performance signs that customers need.
2. Stainless steel packing box
The stainless steel packaging box is made of stainless steel plate (#201, #202, #304) or stainless steel 201 (#430) plate, according to the cutting, stamping mold, grinding and polishing, electroplating process. The oxidation and corrosion resistance of the metal material itself is difficult to achieve by other metal materials. The metal material can also improve the surface metal luster and the level of the finished products according to various surface processing techniques.
The stainless steel plate box was previously more expensive, and it has always been tailor-made for some major brands such as high-end signature pens, high-end watches, and high-end jewelry in order to upgrade the level of well-known brands. After many years of work experience in our factory, the processing technology is sound. , The original expensive manufacturing cost has been greatly reduced, and the price has just begun to be in line with the mid-range gift box sales market. Many well-known brand gifts in China can enhance their corporate image. They have just started to use stainless steel plate boxes to package their products. Many gift promotion theme activities use stainless steel plate boxes. Although the cost will be higher than ordinary iron cans, the additional use value and the improvement of corporate image are immeasurable.
This product can be made into glossy mirror glass with metallic luster according to the actual effect of grinding and polishing, so as to comply with the requirements of different customers for the level and color of the stainless steel plate box. Our factory has developed and designed the surface metal drawing and the actual effect of fogging without fingerprints. Identification, champagne gold, titanium gold, black titanium gold, rose gold, brown gold, brown black gold, rose red, these various surface processing techniques and colors.
According to the needs of customers, there are a lot of vacancies on the surface of the product. Various LOGO signs can be produced according to the production processes of laser processing, silk screen ink, pad printing, transfer paper, diamond paste, crystal glue, embossing, and embossing. Consider the various regulations that customers have for their own brand marketing.
3. Iron packing box
Iron packaging boxes are generally made of tinplate stainless steel plate (ie phosphating cold-rolled steel plate), which is made according to the process flow of packaging, printing, cutting, and stamping dies. The tinplate box is the metal material box that started the industry development. After hundreds of years of processing technology improvement and development trends, its cheap price and stable physics and organic chemistry characteristics have prompted it to occupy half of the metal packaging box sales market.
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