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In 1795, Napoleon rewarded 12,000 francs for anyone who could find a way to preserve food supplied to the army.
In 1809, the confectioner Nicholas Appel had the idea of ​​preserving food such as wine in glass bottles. After years of research, he invented a method of preserving food through sterilization and thus received a bonus of 12,000 francs from the French government.
In 1810, King George III of England granted Peter Durand a patent for preserving food in glass bottles, earthenware pots or metal pots.
In 1812, British immigrant Thomas Kensett established a small factory in New York to produce sealed canned oysters, meat, fruits and vegetables.
In 1825, Kensett obtained the first patent for tinplate cans in the United States.
In 1847 Alan Taylor obtained the patent right to stamp tinplate cans with an extended edge machine.
In 1849, Henry Evans obtained the patent right of a pendulum press capable of producing tank lids in one operation. As a result, the production volume has increased from a small amount to 50 cans per hour.
In 1866, E.M. Lang obtained the patent right to seal the can by manufacturing or welding the can lid.
In 1870, France began to print color patterns on tinplate.
In 1872, the British Baber introduced tinplate printing technology to Britain.
In 1875, Arthur A. Libby and William J. Wilson invented the trapezoidal pot to preserve corned beef in Chicago.
In 1877, a simple can sealing machine appeared.
1880 Semi-automatic can making machine appeared for the first time.
In 1898, George W. Cobb Fresh-keeping Company perfected the three-piece can.
In 1903, the paint for the inner wall of cans appeared. In 1905, the production process of canned food was introduced to my country, and Shanghai Taifeng Company began to produce canned food.
In 1917, tinplate printing technology was introduced to my country, and the Commercial Press began to produce a small amount of iron printing products. In 1953, Soudronic, Switzerland, trial-produced the first resistance welding machine.
In 1957, aluminum materials were introduced into the tinplate canning industry.
1960 Cans are produced.
1963 The world's first two-piece steel can was born in the United States.
In 1965, the tin-free sheet was developed for the first time.
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